You play the game by predicting the result of all games played during the tournament. You enter your predictions via Play|Predict. This page will be available after logging on with your login id and password.

Via the following ways you get points:

  • You get one point per correctly predicted result of a game. Select for each game which team wins, or loses. During the first 3 rounds you can select a draw.
  • If you correctly predicting the number of yellow and red cards given per game you can get up to two more points per game.
  • Finally when you signed up you have to select the correct top scorer for the tournament. If after a games is played your selected player is the top scorer you get 5 points more. If however in the next game the player you selected is no longer the topscorer your 5 points will be taken away again. This means you can quickly go up and down in the ranking list if the top scorer changes often. 

A second yellow card for one player in one game will be registered as 2 times yellow. If the referee then draws the red card the player will have 2 yellow and 1 red card.

You can change your predictions right untill the start of each of the individual games. Except for your prediction of the topscorer. You cannot change that once you have entered it.

Data Access sponsors the football pool prizes. The prizes are 3 dinners for 2 persons that will be given to the number 3 winners of the football pool. In case there are multiple persons with the same ranking (based on points scored) we use the following decision rules to select the winnners:

  • The person that correctly selected the winning country for the tournament.
  • The person that correctly selected the top scorer of the tournament.
  • The points scored by correctly predicting per game result (thus leave out the cards prediction).

When above does not make distinction we draw in the pool of the winners.

It is not possible to argument with Data Access about their decision who get the dinner or not.

Data Access employees are excluded from the prizes.

For more information, please contact us at: